Secret Bonus Code

The “Secret Bonus Code” is listed below and easy to find.  Choose the word next to today’s date.  For example, if today is the 8th, look at list and next to the 8th is “Dogs”.  If today is the 10th, then it’s “Family”.  Enter your answer on Rafflecopter as an entry.

1st- Crazy

2nd- Deals

3rd- Car

4th- Loans

5th- College

6th- Education

7th- Adopt

8th- Dogs

9th- Love

10th- Family

11th- Work

12th- Job

13th- Pink

14th- Purple

15th- Law

16th- Spring

17th- Shoes

18th- Donate

19th- Spa

20th- Massage

21st- Internet

22nd- Hosting

23rd- Degree

24th- Credit

25th- Classes

26th- Auto

27th- Computer

28th- Swim

29th- Beach

30th- Jewelry

31st- Diamonds